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Bells for breakfast

Entrepreneur Gavin Buckley thinks outside the square. Google him to check out his creative community exploits like the chicken sculpture art installation he initiated to “Hatch the Arts” in Annapolis, Maryland. Two of his Annapolis restaurants, The Metropolitan and... read more

Humble tofu transformed

I often tell friends mushrooms are my back stop for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. But I have recently discovered marinated tofu and it sure is a lot more appealing than the vaccum packaging suggests. My current fave is macro wholefoods markets organic marinated tofu... read more

Thankful for potatoes

If there was any doubt among plant-based cooks- research shows positively that potatoes are here to stay! The future of Aussie potatoes remains bright, with industry research indicating that more young people are eager to increase their potato purchases in the future.... read more

Awesome and grateful

“I am Awesome”, I unabashedly told the server, who with great sincerity nodded in agreement. “You will love that”, he enthused. “And I am Humble,” one of my dining friends countered.   “I am Vivacious !”  our friend... read more

Cheese can be gourmet or simply tasty

Vegan food expert and author Miyoko Schinner shares her secrets for success in Artisan Vegan Cheese: From Everyday to Gourmet. “One of the reasons I wrote the book was because I wasn’t satisfied with what was available commercially,” the author said. “While some... read more

Go Loopy in Soho

NEW YORK: We went in search of the perfect tea towel but ended up falling in love with Loopy Mango’s handmade crochet rugs.  In exclusive signature yarn from neutral to neon, the oversized stitching is an ironic touch for a unique accessory made to scale for studio... read more

Vegan diet best for weight loss: study

People shed more weight on an entirely plant-based diet, even if carbohydrates are also included, a study has concluded. Other benefits of eating a vegan diet include decreased levels of saturated and unsaturated fat, lower BMIs, and improved macronutrients. A new... read more

LA’s vegan pioneer

Back in 1993, baker Alaine Shrewsbury helped pioneer the vegan, wheat-free, no refined sugar scene on the West Coast with her Alaine’s Rainforest Cake, a gourmet, healthy fruitcake chockfull of Brazil nuts and unsweetened, dried tropical fruits. Under the name... read more