Five pillars of healthy eating

Five pillars of healthy eating

Thank you Jeff Novick for your sensible healthy eating placemat  (2013). If you don’t already know Jeff his website has tons of sensible information and will help you revitalise your eating regime.

The Five Pillars of Healthy Eating:

1) Plant-Centred– Centre your plate and your diet around minimally processed plant foods (fruits, vegetables, starchy vegetables, roots/tubers, intact whole grains, and legumes (beans, peas & lentils).

2) Minimally Processed – Enjoy foods as close to “as grown in nature” with minimal processing that does not detract from the nutritional value &/or add in any harmful components.

3) Calorie Dilute – Follow the principles of calorie density choosing foods that are calorie adequate, satiating and nutrient sufficient.

4) Low S-O-S – Avoid/minimize the use of added Salts/sodium, Oils/Fats and Sugars/sweeteners

5) Variety – Consume a variety of foods in each of the recommended food groups.

Healthy Eating Plate